Good day. I am the demon most commonly known as Sebastian Michaelis.
My interests include playing with cats and/or kittens, dancing the waltz, and people watching.
Please feel free to do with me what you will, as I am open to anything.
\Please use my Information page and "\Headcanons" for references and be sure to check out my RP Ideas page for whatever reason!
\If you want to RP with me over Skype or just talk, send me a request: japanesewannab
Availability: This part isn't even accurate most of the time...
Current M!A: None
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Have problems drawing bodies? This might help!!!

Because I’ve been dealing with some really nasty art block, my friend introduced me to this awesome website that gives a bunch of reference photos on a time limit you set so you can practice gesture and things like that. AND It’s completely free (and an awesome alternative, at least temporarily, to that figure drawing class I wanted to do this semester!)

It has options for helping you build skill in drawing figures, animals, hands/feet, and faces/facial expressions. It even has a setting to show you only “decent” models incase you want to practice with your parents or young impressionable family members in the room. 

There are also a lot of articles about tips you can use to help enhance your ability to learn and grow in drawing. Its an awesome site! You should all give it a try!

Bless you for this!


I finally got a job after seven months of applying and waiting (but mostly waiting) and I’m trying to finish the rest of my class work within the next few weeks in order to move on to my final 185 days as a high school student. Due to these reasons I’m going to have to go on an indefinite hiatus, but that isn’t really much of a change since I haven’t been around much anyway. However, I’ll be getting my German Shepherd puppy ASAP and I plan on making a blog about her if I have the time, so you can find me there; I’ll post a link when the time comes. Also: Dog Blog will most likely be taking the place of Lexi Blog to conserve email addresses.

Otherwise, I’ll still check this blog from time to time, so feel free to send me an ask or two. I may have things queued for Caturday, Fidoday, and/or AniMonday, as well.

Any replies will be saved to my drafts.

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"Sebastian" she tugged on his coat "are you paying attention?"




"Hmm? Yes," he answered.

Sebastian offered her a plate. “Exactly what it sounds like. Battered fish and fried chips. I suppose you could call the chips fries, but they’re thicker than you normally would have fries,” he explained.

She sniffed it before taking the plate and eating the food “tastes pretty good..thank you” Smiling she continued her meal although wasn’t he going to eat?

He took a few bites, but it tasted like plastic to him. He forced himself to continue, as he did for most things he ate. It wasn’t natural for him to be eating things like this, after all.

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"Preferably in the center, where the sound is best," Sebastian answered, deciding to drop his line of questioning. He couldn’t say exactly where he was from either, after all.

"Alright," she said, smiling faintly as she hurried up the stairs a ways, spotting a few center spots and nimbly moving past the others in the row to the seats, looking back at Sebastian and smiling. She waited until he was next to her before sitting down. "Perfect spot," she hummed softly, looking over at him before looking up at the screen contently. 

Sebastian sat next to her and arranged all the things he was carrying for easy access. He checked his pocket watch: it was almost past time.

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Such polite barks

he gets up all excited the last time like YEAH I’M GONNA SPEAK YEAH WATCH THIS